Satelec Sopix 2


Company: ACTEON

Rating:[3.5 / 5 Stars]

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The Sopix 2 Digital X-Ray System (DR Intraoral Digital System) uses a state of the art fibre optic CMOS system to give perfect dental images first time every time. Supplied complete with multi user specific software, the Sopix 2 offers leading edge digital technology with no compromises, resulting in perfect images.

User friendly and sober
Delivered with its installation kit, Sopix 2 will easily fit your practice what its configuration is.

The controller may be hung from the generator
The smaller size of the controller means that Sopix 2 can easily be hung from your generator.

No more overexposed x-ray images
This exclusive technology analyzes in real time the amount of X ray emission required by the Sopix 2 sensor. It protects each image from overexposure and ensures that the first shot is always perfect and all your images are clear.

Safer for the patient
With Sopix 2, your x-ray images will be clear the first time they are taken. Patients are protected from exposure to unnecessary x-rays. The precautionary principle is essential.

Controller :-
Technology: CMOS + CSI scintillator + optic fibre.
Theoretical resolution: 25 pl/mm.
Pixel size: 20 ?m x 20 ?m.
Connection: USB 2.0.
Cable length for the USB cable: 3,70 m (up to 8,70 m with booster supplied).
Imaging software provided: Sopro Imaging.

Minimum configuration required for Sopix 2 :-
Exploitation system: Windows XP Pro SP2.
Processor: Intel Pentium IV – 1.3 GHz.
RAM: 512 MB.
Hard disk: 80 GB.
USB ports: 2 USB2 Hi-Speed ports.
Graphic card: 32 MB RAM.
USB Chipset: Intel or NEC
Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

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