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-Independent Up and Down Movement & Backrest Movement of the Chair.
-Halogen Sensor Light with Double Intensity
-Right Arm Moveable in Up Down Position, for Easy Seating of the Patients
-2 Programmes in Chair … 1 Program& Other Auto Return to Zero
-Dr’s Stool with Adjustable Height and Full Back SupporT
-Water/Electrical/Air Control by Single Lever in Chair’s Base.

Multifunctional Foot Control:

-Moveable Foot Control
1 Round Switch for Chair’s Movements
2 Independent Switches for Air and Water.

Assistant Arm:

-Rotatable and Moveable Assistant Arm
-Feather Touch Panel for All Controls of Chair
2 Suction Points for Low & Medium Suction
1 Point for 3 Way Syringe
1 Extra Holder

Traditional Delivery Unit:

-Pneumatic Locking Arm
-Feather Touch Panel for All Controls of Chair
-1 Point for 3 Way Syringe
-1 Extra Holder
=A Pressure Gauze Present for the Air Rotor
-1 Cotton Holder & Extra Utility Tray Present
-1 Led X-ray Viewer

Water Unit:

-Fixed Water Unit with Movable Glass Spitton & Cup Filler with Option for Hot & Normal Water
-Removable & Autoclave Cannulas
-1 Water Bottle
-Programmable Water Flow

Product Clinical Features:


-Seamless Upholstry Prevents Adherence of Dust on the Surface of the Chair Thus Prevents Cross Contamination
-Double Articulated Head Rest with Seesaw Movements Suitable for Pediatrix Patients for Delivering Dental Treatment with Ease
-Spittoon Easy to Clean & Disinfect and Thus Help Maintain Hygiene

Delivery Unit

-Wide Instrument Tray to Keep More Instruments
-Pressure Gauge to Ensure the Input Pressure for the Handpiece
-Feather Touch Control Panel for Easy Touch-play Operation

Doctor’s Stool

-The Full Shape Backrest with Height Adjustment for Maximum Comfort

Product Applications:

-For Examination of the Patient Before Any Clinical Procedure
-For Making a Cavity and Filling - Air Rotor Attachment Point on Delivery Unit
-For Final Denture Fitting and Finishing-Straight/Contraangle Handpiece Attachment to Air Motor or Micro Motor on Delivery Unit
-For Suction of Blood/Saliva with Pneumatic or Motorized Suction Attachment Point on Assistant Table
-For cleaning an Area in the Mouth with 3-way Syringe Attachment Point for Air & Water Inputs on Delivery Unit or Assistant Table

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