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Independent up and down movement and backrest movement of the chair

Option for 1 programmable working position and auto return to zero position

Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt & height adjustable Foot ring

Right arm rotatable at 90 degrees movable

Foot Control:

A switch to control working of white & cold 3 LED light with power of 20,000 Lux

A switch for 1 programmable working position and auto return to zero position

Assistant Arm/ Water Unit:

Has a point for 3 way syringe

2 for low vacuum suction and other one for medium vac suction cannula only

Water unit has 2 independent switches... one for water in spittoon and other for water in glass for the patient

Cannulae removable & autoclavable

Overhead Delivery Unit:

With Pneumatic locking arm

3 points for air rotor with an option for fiber optic handpiece

Water control on hand piece coupling

Option for a inbuilt scaler is available for oral prophylaxis

Removable, Autoclavable Silicone pads

Optilight LD max LED light cure for bleaching & curing purpose

LED X-Ray viewer.

Product Clinical Features:

Dental Light:

LED technology is free of mercury & any other Polluting elements

Cold light beam due to complete absence of Ultraviolet and infrared light which may be injurious to the eye

Generates high beam of white light, enhancing the Natural color of teeth and gums

Change in light intensity will not affect its white color shade

Enables better resin color choice (Shade selection of Restorative)

Allows 100% of light beam focus on the surgical area

Longer time & higher precision for tooth restorations


Seamless upholstery prevents adherence of dust on the surface of the chair thus prevents cross contamination.

Double articulated head rest with seesaw movements suitable for pediatric patients for delivering dental treatment with ease

Spittoon removable for easy to clean and thus helps maintain hygiene

Cannulas removable & autoclavable thus maintaining complete sterile working environment

Delivery Unit:

Bio System prevents cross contamination which otherwise can occur through the back flow of blood & saliva through the tubing attached to the couplings

Anti retraction valve prevents back flow of saliva or blood in hand piece which is the most interactive equipment directly in patients mouth .

Doctor’s Stool:

The backrest with tilt & height’s adjustment which Provides comfort to the lumbar area for long treatment hours.

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